The National Initiative for Civic Education says the Malawi National Assembly has a critical role to play in SADC regional Integration awareness. 

Vice Chair of the International Affairs Committee  Hon Mark Kastonga (Centre) with NICE’s Ollen Mwalubunju and Gray Kalindekafe


The National Initiative for Civic Education NICE says the National Assembly has a critical role to play in popularization of SADC  Regional Integration. Speaking during an engagement dinner with the Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs in Lilongwe, NICE  Executive Director Ollen Mwalubunju, appealed to the committee to support all efforts including those of NICE in bringing SADC closer to the people in order to make SADC people – centred and relevant to the citizens.

“Our expectation is that there should be involvement through Members of Parliament before making any commitments as a nation through signing of treaties and protocols and other commitments. Again we should also have a review of how we are locally operationalizing the commitments  that were already made.” Mwalubunju said.

 Responding to the appeal, the Vice Chairperson of the Committee Hon Mark Katsonga said, the committee would support the efforts in order to make  issues of participation on regional integration accessible for all Malawians.

 “We recognize the efforts that NICE has done through numerous activities since 2014. As a committee we assure you our support”. Katsonga said.

 NICE is implementing popularization of SADC regional integration project in  Lilongwe Urban, Mulanje, Blantyre Urban,  Nsanje, Dedza , Mwanza,  Mangochi, Mzuzu and Karonga