Loud Hailing vehicle at one of themafrkets during the campaign


National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust says it is hopeful that all the Covid 19 vaccination doses will be used before they expire and has since intensified community mobilisation activities to ensure that people go and get vaccinated. The Trust jointly with the Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity went around the cities to providethe right information to people about the vaccine.

However, Nice civic education officer Freency Mapanga said it would be unfortunate for people to shun the vaccine when government and partners have invested a lot of resources in procuring the vaccine.

Speaking during community mobilisation activities in Mzuzu, Mapanga said Nice will continue providing civic education in a quest to demystify the myths that make people fear to get the jab.

The campaign has unearthed myriad myths, false information and misconceptions which were preventing people from not getting the vaccine.

For example, in Jali Zomba, people are misinforming each other that without an identity card (ID) one cannot get a jab, they are also believing that a man can stay over one week before he sleeps with a woman.

Additionally, they are also saying that people need to stay in doors for three days after taking a jab and there is also a disinformation that says no phone number no vaccine.

"We are on the ground mobilising people to get vaccinated. The activities are ongoing. We would like to see all the vaccine used before expiry and we are hopeful that we will achieve that," said Mapanga.

This is part of the campaign, Nice the campaign to dispell the myths and unfounded misconceptions, and interestingly more people are now willing to go and get the vaccination in the centres.