Principal Secretary for the Ministry Dr Elizabeth Chindebvu Gomani.

The Ministry of Civic education and national Unity says Malawi can have good and patriotic citizens if civics and citizenship education is offered right from nursery schools to tertiary level of our education system. Principal Secretary for the ministry of Civic Education and National Unity Dr. Elizabeth Gomani Chindebvu said this during the opening of a steering committee meeting on presentation of the process to conduct a comprehensive curriculum audit  on the inclusion.

Gomani Chindevu noted the absence of the subject in the school curriculum has resulted into ever increasing levels of abandonment of collective civic responsibilities in the country.

“The case however is different in other nations where they have invested so much in civics in schools as such nations have people that understand fully their rights and responsibilities.” Dr Chindevu said while noting that there is a lot of moral decadence among Malawians and this is why there is increasing cases of moral decadence in the nation. The Principal Secretary said.

Speaking at the same meeting Ollen Mwalubunju National initiative for Civic Education Executive Director said is it at the heart of NICE Trust that the dream to have civics and citizenship education reintroduced in the school curriculum is realized.

Mwalubunju noted that as a civic education body their duty of providing high civic education can easily be met if there is civics and citizenship education in the curricular. In his speech Mwalubunju called upon all stakeholders to put all resources for cause together so they all can speak with one voice in lobbying for this.

The meeting attracted experts from the education sector raging from the Ministry of education, institutions of higher learning.