Objectives of the Trust
The following are among the key functions of the trust:

  • To strengthen democratic processes and good governance through the provision of high quality civic education.
  • To contribute to the attainment of free and fair elections by providing civic and voter education
  • To deepen citizen’s  voice  to ensure that Malawians not  only claim their democratic rights  and to hold duty bearers accountable for their performance, but also to play an active role  in the democratic decision making processes at all levels.

Expected Results

  • Malawian citizens, including disadvantaged groups, are increasingly participating in decision-making and public life.
  • Citizens are increasingly aware of core principles of tolerance, human rights, rule of law and constitutionalism, among others.
  • Duty-bearers have become more accountable to the public.
  • Citizens are increasingly making use of their ability to hold duty-bearers to account for their performance.
  • The targeted civil society organizations have an increased capacity to implement and coordinate their civic education activities.