Target group

NICE targets all Malawians living in both urban and rural settings, while a special focus is put on including socially and economically disadvantaged groups. In addition to this, NICE works with duty bearers at various levels with the aim of enhancing accountability and transparency in the execution of their public duty. Civil society organizations and other multipliers form another tier of our target group. In this field we focus on increasing their capacity to deliver civic education messages in Malawi as well as enhancing coordination and cooperation among these actors.

Activity types

NICE implements a great variety of activities, grouped around our main thematic area of “Local Democracy”. The interventions take – among others - the form of meetings, trainings, rallies, procession walks, panel discussions, workshops, open days, production of IEC materials, facilitating the establishment of clubs, committees and support groups, information provision, debates, referral services, radio programmes etc. The variety of our activities and approaches stems from our strategy to deliver needs-based civic education. Through implementing such activities, NICE prides itself on being experts in facilitating processes that lead to informed, capacitated and empowered communities that constructively engage duty bearers for the betterment of the Malawian society.