Ollen Mwalubunju NICe Executiuve Director during the launch


NICE Public Trust says traditional and religious leaders have a great role to play in ensuring that cultural practices that bring positivity to the society are encouraged.

Speaking on Friday during a press briefing in Lilongwe to mark the official launch of a UN Women sponsored Spotlight Initiative Project, Ollen Mwalubunju Executive Director of the Trust said as custodians of culture, traditional leaders should lead in eliminating negative cultural practices and norms.

“We expect that through this project traditional as well as religious leaders will be role models to the people in making sure that we make Malawi safe for everyone. NICE is targeting these leaders because they have a crucial and pivotal role to play in this regard.” Mwalubunju said.

Introducing the project to the media, Mwalubunju stated that the project is aimed at eliminating all forms of violence against women, girls and children. “The project has several themes, but NICE is focusing on awareness and culture and will be responding to these underlying issues perpetrating sexual and gender based violence against women, girls and children through transformative civic education.”

Mwalubunju further outlined that NICE will also use an ICT monitoring platform through which the Trust and other partners will be reporting incidences of violence against women and children in real time triggering quick action by first responders such as the police and health personnel, Mwalubunju said.

NICE is implementing the Spotlight Initiative Project in the districts of Nsanje, Machinga, Ntchisi, Dowa, Mzimba and Nkhata Bay with Funding from the UN Malawi.


 NPC Director General  Dr Thomas Munthali and Ollen Mwalubunju  NICE ExecutiveDirector during the signing ceremony

The National Planning Commission  NPC says NICE is key in making sure that Malawians know the Malawi 2063. Dr Thomas Munthali Director General of NPC said NICE has the expertise to assist the commission in popularizing the development agenda.

“We are partnering with NICE because they have the structure and can reach where NPC cannot.” Munthali said. In making sure that the Malawi 2063 becomes a household document we need to partner with all that are in information dissemination Munthali added.

Munthali went on to say that NPC is excited to partner with NICE because the Trust has the experience in outreach. With NICE and other partners we plan to reach about 80% of the population with Malawi 2063

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the Memorundum of Understanding in Lilongwe, Ollen Mwalubunju NICE’s executive Director said through this MOU NICE will use its expertise and its volunteers to mobilise Malawians to take part in the vision.


Elia Bodole  ACB Acting Director  General  and NICE Executive Director Ollen Mwalubunju putting pen to paper on  during the  MOU signing ceremony


In a bid to increase awareness on corruption the Anti-Corruption Bureau has reviewed its partnership with NICE in order to strengthen their working relationship. The two organizations reviewed their memorandum of understanding with the aim of increasing awareness to all Malawians.

Speaking during the MOU signing ceremony, NICE’s Executive Director Ollen Mwalubunju said the two organizations will collaborate in awareness mobilisation to report corrupt practices

“We have come together because of our cooperative advantage in promoting good governance is  in line of respective mandates.” He said.

It is in our mandate to promote good governance as this MOU will promote joint information sharing on corruption preventions and detection in communities

In his remarks Mwalubunju said that it the partnership will give a chance to change mindset, attitudes, behaviour and integrity as it will also help to fight corruption which is rampant in the country.

Among other things NICE will use its awareness mobilisation strategies to reach out to all Malawians as it has been doing in other campaigns  and these include use of radio drama,  jingle and programmes, use of its governance platforms and many more.


An elderly man exercising his rights to vote in the election


National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Public Trust says the participation of elderly people in the 30 March 2021 by-elections signifies communities' knowledge on their voting right and entrenchment of democracy.

NICE made the remarks after seeing tens of elderly people casting their ballot in most of the polling centres in Nsanje Central Constituency.

Speaking after meeting an elderly woman who voted at Ndiole School in the Constituency, Nsanje Nice civic education officer, Kondwani Malunga was all smiles with the woman, saying her action is inspiring.

He said: "I am amazed with the growing number of old people taking part in this exercise."

Malunga said by-elections are always characterised with low voter turnout, hence, to find old people at the polling centre as early as before 6am is extraordinary.

"I am extremely impressed. This is encouraging to us as NICE and other electoral stakeholders because it shows that our messages in which we encourage people to vote are sinking in their ears," he stressed boastfully.

Malunga said the stance by the elderly in which they choose candidates of their choices without being intimidated also indicates that democracy exists and that it has penetrated in the communities.

On his part, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Commissioner Arthur Nanthuru commended the coming of people to vote in large numbers, saying it is the expectation of the electoral body to achieve over 60 percent voter turnout.














































































NICE will have a miniElection Situation Room to support real time tracking of incidents during the 30th March 2021 by elections. NICE Roving monitors in the districts where by elections are happening will be required to collectissues as they happen and submitting in real time. NICE will use this forum as the official page where roving monitorswill post whatever is happening around the centres and we will be able to capture those issues.The Trust has successfully used the Election Situation Room to track electoral incidences in past election.