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Lack of efficient and effective animal disease control, marketing infrastructure and poor market access to livestock products continue to dampen prospects for an improved and increased livestock production in Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.

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Civic Education and National Unity Minister Honourable Timothy Mtambo says it is very unfortunate that there is not been much public awareness on

SADC regional integration in Malawi.

Mulanje District Commissioner (DC) Stallichi Mwambiwa has commended National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust for implementing various initiatives that have promoted peace in the district. 
Nice in a bid to promote peace in the district after noting a litany of violence due to political and tribal differences, culture, religion, among others, embarked on peace-building initiatives that engaged key stakeholders in the district to champion peace. 
Last year, before the Constitutional Court (Concourt) delivered a judgment that saw the country holding fresh presidential election on June 23 this year,  the organization also roped in the district's stakeholders to implement programmes that urge their followers to accept the results without engaging into violence. 
However, speaking in an interview on Wednesday in the district during the Commonwealth funded meeting to follow up incidences that happened recently, Mwambiwa was all smiles with the civic educating body, saying it's intervention on peace in the district is exceptional. 
"I marvel at Nice's role in its intervention on peace in the district. It's presence is felt and noticed," he hailed. 
The DC said people in the district can now angage into a around table discussion when there are bickerings among them unlike in the past when there were no interventions of these nature.
"In the past we could see people resorting into violence even when they disagreed on a small matter. This is now the thing of the past as we are now witnessing people engaging into peaceful discussion. We owe this to Nice," he pointed out. 
Mwambira further waxed lyrical towards Nice, saying the organization's move to hold a meeting even few weeks after Malawi held fresh presidential election is unprecedented and a commitment towards building a peaceful country. 
"This rarely happen with many organizations. But you see Nice is committing itself to make a follow up and see how best to tame the differences is commendable. We salute them and we indicate our full support towards all the efforts," he stressed. 
In his remarks, Nice Trust regional civic education officer (South) Christopher Naphiyo said peace is the oxygen and heart of development, hence, it compels his organization to implement more initiatives that promote peace in the country. 
"You see Mulanje district has potential to spur development of the country due to the presence of tea farms and other natural resources. Investors cannot come if people engage into violence. Hence, we are eyeing a violence free district to help it realize it's potential," he explained. 
During the meeting, participants pledged commitments that will safeguard peace in the district including desisting creating a no-go zone among political parties like a case during the campaign trail of the fresh presidential election where some DPP party zealots pelted stones to a motorcade belonging to the country's Vice-President, Saulos Chilima.
Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Dr. Chifundo Kachale has hailed the Elections Observation Consortium for deploying technological efforts to monitor elections.
Dr. Kachale made the commendation when he visited the Election Situation Room in Blantyre a short while ago.
Through the system, observers deployed by NICE, CCJP and PAC are submitting reports of incidents through a technological platform designed by mHub.
Malawi's former president, Bakili Muluzi has called on Malawians to exercise peace during the election to let the rightful candidate win the election.  Muluzi said Malawi is small and we should not allow violence to take reign.