The National Initiative for Civic Education [NICE] will publish an elections book on the 2019 tripartite elections. NICE has in all past elections published an edited book covering different aspects of the electoral process.

NICE and Institute for Policy Interaction IPI have undertaken the production of an edited book on the 2019 Tripartite elections. Among the various topics, the book will examine inclusiveness of the electoral process and efforts that are made to widen the space for participation by all sections of society. In particular, the book will focus on the institutional factors that affected women’s participation in the 2019 elections.

“This is a vastly chaptered compilation and therefore touches on a lot of topics across the electoral world. Some of the chapters within the book include; representation of women, the political economy context of 2019 tripartite elections, a historical analysis of elections in Malawi, the electoral reforms process, management of the 2019 elections, the political parties contestations, elections funding, the media’s role and the civil society’s role” Gray Kalindekafe National Programmes Manager for NICE said.

The book pays particular attention to the subject of election related violence, including violence during party primaries and campaigns and the inadequacies of the formal and informal mechanisms that are aimed at reducing violence and making its perpetrators and enablers accountable.

In 2014 the National Initiative for Civic Education [NICE] and the Institute for Policy Interaction [IPI] published a version of the elections book which was titled, ‘The Malawi 2014 Tripartite Elections: Is Democracy Maturing?’. The book has proven to be a useful tool for a wide readership, including academics and practitioners. Previous versions including the latest 2014 elections book have been widely accessed by the general citizen to inform their interventions but also by Malawi’s development partners and international organizations including international libraries.