The National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust has urged people in the country to peacefully co-exist and maintain social cohesion beyond the fresh presidential election scheduled for June 23 2020.

NICE Trust Regional Civic Education Officer (Centre), Enock Chinkhuntha, stressed that co-existence and social cohesion are prerequisite for achieving a meaningful socio-economic transformation in a society.

Chinkhuntha made the remarks in Ntchisi during a meeting NICE called to discuss means for promoting peace in the district. Ntchisi is one of the districts that did not register any politically-motivated violence during the whole campaign period.

The meeting brought together district council officials, traditional and religious leaders, the business community and political leaders who have played a key role in promoting peace in the district.

“We commend you, the people of this district, for maintaining peace and tranquility despite differing in your political affiliations. In view of this, we appeal to you to should maintain and promote the peace you have enjoyed the whole period political parties were conducting campaign rallies ahead of the fresh presidential election,” said Chinkhuntha.

He emphasized that Malawi cannot achieve sustainable socioeconomic development without peace and co-existence.

Chinkhuntha challenged that the forthcoming fresh presidential election could be rendered meaningless if people do not observe peace and coexistence.

“So, while we go to elect a president of our choice on Tuesday, let us remember that change of leadership alone is not be enough for the country to realize its desired socioeconomic development. We need peace and tranquility to achieve the development we desire in this country,” he emphasized.

Traditional Authority Kasakula, who spoke on behalf of the other traditional leaders, assured that chiefs will continue promoting peace and coexistence among their subjects.