Ollen Mwalubunju NICE Executive Director


The National Initiative for Civic Education has pleaded with Malawians to avoid believing in fake news going on about COVID 19 Vaccine. Executive Director Ollen Mwalubunju said this when he appeared as a guest during the daily COVID 19 updates by the National Taskforce on COVID 19.

Mwalubunju said that according to experts there is no scientific evidence that the Vaccine is Developed countries’ way of wiping out the African population.” It is totally not true and NICE will continue to use its volunteers who ill, be going door to door to verify these facts.” He said.

Speaking to the nation through various radio and tv stations Mwalubunju said NICE is doing its part in sensitizing the nation using various strategies which are in line with COVID 19 guidelines. He however noted that although the awareness messages are reaching out to all Malawians there are still some people in the rural areas who regard COVID 19 as a pandemic for town dwellers.

“I ask all Malawians to continue practicing COVID 19 preventive measures although the numbers of news cases are going down. It is sad to note that people are still wearing masks the wrong way covering the mouth, leaving out the nose this should be avoided.” Mwalubunju said

Mwalubunju added that through community radios messages on COVID 19 are reaching out to all Malawians.

NICE is jointly doing sensitization on COVID 19 with the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity. Through loudhailing messages on COVID 19 are going to all Malawians.