An elderly man exercising his rights to vote in the election


National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Public Trust says the participation of elderly people in the 30 March 2021 by-elections signifies communities' knowledge on their voting right and entrenchment of democracy.

NICE made the remarks after seeing tens of elderly people casting their ballot in most of the polling centres in Nsanje Central Constituency.

Speaking after meeting an elderly woman who voted at Ndiole School in the Constituency, Nsanje Nice civic education officer, Kondwani Malunga was all smiles with the woman, saying her action is inspiring.

He said: "I am amazed with the growing number of old people taking part in this exercise."

Malunga said by-elections are always characterised with low voter turnout, hence, to find old people at the polling centre as early as before 6am is extraordinary.

"I am extremely impressed. This is encouraging to us as NICE and other electoral stakeholders because it shows that our messages in which we encourage people to vote are sinking in their ears," he stressed boastfully.

Malunga said the stance by the elderly in which they choose candidates of their choices without being intimidated also indicates that democracy exists and that it has penetrated in the communities.

On his part, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Commissioner Arthur Nanthuru commended the coming of people to vote in large numbers, saying it is the expectation of the electoral body to achieve over 60 percent voter turnout.